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Hello! I am Julien, the guy behind Livescore OSX
I used to be a website developer but I quit my job in 2018 february to claim my free time back. Now I spend most of my days actively enjoying life and developing apps as an indie hacker.

Why isn't Livescore OSX free ?

Paying for an indie app is the best move you could do as a user to 🌱 support it. No spending on bullshit marketing, each sale contributes directly to 🚀 improving the app.
If you want more info on this topic: Nomad List Faq.

Why is Livescore OSX only for the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

My goal was to broadcast the world cup as a first milestone. If the app finds its audience, I will definitely adapt it to support every major ⚽football leagues around the world. If Livescore OSX reveals itself to be very successful, extending it to other sports will be on the roadmap.

What is the tech stack?

The app is coded using Swift 4. The front is bare HTML/CSS deployed on Netlify.
The API is developed using Serverless Framework.

Can I contact you?

Sure! Come chat with 😃me here. Any feedback or suggestion is welcome.

How can I be notified of future updates?

Best way is to subscribe is by using the form below. Subscribers will get notified about new features and apps I make. You will also be proposed to be part of the next 🤖 beta tests and get discounts on future apps.

Be certain I will not send you any spam nor sell your email address. No worries.